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Air Transport for Threatened Native Birds to the Hawai'i Wildlife Center

TEACH Maui, Inc. is committed to support the Hawai’i Wildlife Center, the first and only facility in the Pacific Islands equipped with the facilities and expertise to respond to avian wildlife affected by oil spills, disease outbreaks and natural disasters. HWC, located on the northern tip of the Big Island, is a much-needed resource, assisting state and federal wildlife agencies in times of emergency and helping reverse the trends in declining avian populations. TEACH Maui will provide pilot and air time to transport sick or injured native birds from Maui or other islands to the airstrip on Upolo Point.


Middle School Student Computer Skills Enhancement Program

Students entering high school must be prepared for rigorous academic demands and they are expected to use computer and Internet technologies to complete school work assignments and projects. Students will learn software applications that are free to use or install on their home computers so they may continue to use them after these training sessions. More...


Akeakama'i o Mo'omehia Hawai'i Kamali'i no, a science and Hawaiian culture enrichment program for children

To develop an enrichment program for Maui children through our offer to fund, coordinate and deliver engaging science, technology and Hawaiian culture related activities in a 4-week Saturday morning session format. Students will receive a series of lessons and participate in interesting outdoor activities at the Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve, the Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary and the Ko‘ie‘ie Fishpond in Kihei. More ...


Malama i Na kamali'i kokua nui O holomoana: to nourish our child’s voyage of stewardship

In August 2008, Kihei Charter School, the Department of Land and Natural Resources, TEACH Maui Inc., and the Kihei Canoe Club partnered together with the vision of engaging children in the proactive process of problem solving the environmental and cultural issues facing Maui. Their proposed project and request for B-WET grant funding was named Malama i Na kamali'i kokua nui O holomoana: to nourish our child’s voyage of stewardship. If approved, the proposed project will make available funds needed to provide outdoor classroom experiences for over 400 Kihei Charter School students. The project is broadly focused on the coastal environment of the moku of Honua’ulu, with specific effort in the Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve (NAR), a 2,045-acre site located Maui County’s Makawao land management district. Final determination and notification will occur in May 2009.

This is ours, let's protect it

Ed Zayas completed Akaku's Field Camera course. To fulfill requirements for course completion, he produced a short Public Service Announcement on conservation of our natural resources titled “This is ours, let’s protect it.” If you are on Maui, you can watch the production by programming it through Akaku’s Channel 54 On Demand at or you can watch it here: